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Deck Installation in Milwaukee

Deck Installation Contractors in Milwaukee WI

Deck Installation in Milwaukee can be a great investment for your home. Advanced Deck builders of Milwaukee makes the process quick and easy. If you are considering hiring a deck building company for your next outdoor living project, here are some things to consider before your deck installation:

  • Obtaining the proper deck building permits- Check your city hall for all permits and building codes needed for deck construction, failing to do so can lead to hefty fines. Check out This article we posted covering everything you need to know about obtaining those building permits so you’re able to make your dream deck a reality!

  • Determine how you will utilize your deck- When designing your outdoor deck, it's important to consider the purpose of what you want. Is this just for relaxing with friends and family? Or do we need something more than that? Will gardening in addition with a hot tub be part of your deck design too? Knowing all these different factors will help us pick out materials and locations which might otherwise fly over one’s head without consideration given from the start to finish of the deck construction. Knowing that we can effectively design your deck to fit your needs

  • Are you considering any customized features for your deck- While planning your dream deck design, you will definitely want to shop around and browse all the ways you can customize your deck. Do you want custom Deck handrails? Do you want a deck that curves around the corner of your house? Or even adding a pergola to provide additional shade during those hot bright summer days.


Choosing the best local deck contractor for your new or existing deck is easy with us. Our team at Advanced Milwaukee Deck Builders has years of experience  along with the craftsmanship. So you can enjoy a beautiful space in no time! Our design team will help create blueprints as well as initial designs that make construction a very quick and simple process.

We believe your outdoor living space should be more than just a place to sit and relax. It's an extension of who you are, so we strive for it exceed expectations with our structurally sound design process as well as reliable materials such Trex Decking that lasts longer than Natural wood or pressure-treated lumber decks

Contact Us Now and Get Your Dream Deck.

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How much does a new deck installation cost?

Installing a deck is an excellent investment for your outdoor living space. The national average cost to install a deck ranges typically sits at around 4-11k, but can be as cheap or expensive depending on what you want with it! A beautiful backyard can become even more appealing when the perfect addition of this construction offers guests entertainment in summertime; however there are many factors that go into how much they will end up spending including size and materials used composite or trex! 

What factors go into the cost of building a new deck?

Building a deck is not as simple or straightforward of a process than one would think. The size and complexity of your project will determine how much it costs to build, just to install a deck under 200 sq ft will be costing anywhere between $3k-$14K! There are many factors that impact the construction time and costs. Here are some other factors:

  • Material- The cost of decking material varies depending on the type and size. The average price range for a square foot can vary anywhere between $20-$45, with three popular choices being wood, composite (plastic) or Trex decking; however there are many other options available as well!

  • Deck Size- When you're planning to install a new deck, figuring out the dimensions is key. This will help see what's in your budget and make sure that there are enough materials for deck construction!.

  • Deck Design- The deck that is as detailed and intricate to you, will be worth every penny. For example; a wraparound design costs 50% more than an average one because it has many features such as elaborate railings or built-in benches for everyone who sits on them!

  • The time of the year- When you're looking for the best time of year to install your deck, there are a few factors that need consideration. The first is weather-related and deals with rain or snow; this could make deck installation difficult depending on where in Milwaukee it will be done! So you will need to carefully plan when you want a deck building company to take care of it for you!

  • Foundation- No matter what size your deck is, it needs to be able support its weight. If you have plans for an outdoor hot tub or other heavy equipment that will permanently reside on top of the structure then consider using concrete footing systems which provide superior durability and stability than traditional methods do when withstand extraordinary forces put forth by major appliances like these types of items!

100% Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

Which Deck building materials should I choose?

When building a deck, people often think about the big names like Trex or Azek. But knowing what features and benefits these materials offer can help customize your needs for exactly where you want to use them! Here is a breakdown of the decking materials we use and the benefits of and potential drawbacks:

  • Trex- Trex decks are the best choice for your home because they last an exceptionally long time, Trex decks can handle all of life's challenges with ease and won't suffer any adverse effects from mold or mildew. We recommend having a Trex deck builder professionally install this so you don't have to deal with the stress or head ache of doing it yourself.

  • Azek-Is your deck susceptible to fading and scratches? Then Azek might be the perfect choice for you! Not only does this material resist insects, sun damage or even rain; it also contains UV protection which ensures that color won't wash away over time. With its composite core containing no wood fibers - meaning there's absolutely zero chance of mold growth. An AZEK deck will last up to three times longer than other types on average before needing replacement due an issue with rot. As long as you perform proper Azek deck maintenance.

  • Natural Wood Deck- Wood decks are a very popular choice for homeowners. They give the desirable natural wood look that many people want in their yards, but there's also some drawbacks to consider - specifically how much maintenance they require on behalf of you or your family members who will be using this space regularly. Which could lead to needing a deck replacement down the road.

The Best Deck Building Company Near You

Choosing the best local deck contractor for your new or existing deck is easy with us. Our team at Advanced Milwaukee Deck Builders has years of experience  along with the craftsmanship. So you can enjoy a beautiful space in no time! Our design team will help create blueprints as well as initial designs that make construction a very quick and simple process.

We know life sometimes gets hectic. When you're looking for a company to build your deck, it's important that they stand behind their product. The team at Advanced Milwaukee Deck Builders is committed not only in providing quality work but also customer satisfaction so the outcome of each project will last years! 


Contact our deck builder company today to see why we are the number one choice in Milwaukee when it comes to all your backyard projects. We have everything from new decks installed with Trex, porches and pergolas as well! Don't miss out on these incredible deals - call today!

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