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Best Deck Removal in Milwaukee

Reasons to have your deck removed

Have you had enough with your old wood or composite deck? Or, maybe it's time to spice up that backyard landscaping and upgrade all of the design aspects. We highly recommend working with a local Milwaukee Deck removal Professional to assess the situation and consult what is best for your needs. Below are a few common reasons homeowners seek us out for our stellar Deck removal services:

  • Your deck is unsafe for your family and guests- The deck is unsafe and in danger of collapse. Over the years, decks have become structurally unsound because they're primarily made up for summertime use which makes them especially vulnerable due to rain, snow, salt, and the summer heat in the Milwaukee area! When this happens you may notice cracks or openings throughout your once sturdy structure; if someone were standing on one when it fell apart there would be no warning until too late. We can help with deck removal so a worn out version like yours is gone fast so that we are able to prevent those scary thoughts of injury

  • You want to relocate the location of your existing deck- To ensure that the new location of your deck installation will be a success, it needs to have a solid foundation. With a deck demolition we are able to provide a fresh slate with no cracks or other imperfections on which we can use to help  build your dream Deck design!

  • Converting your deck into a patio-There are many ways you can make the most out of your backyard, and one way is by converting an existing deck into a patio. This will offer more space than just building a new outside seating area for family gatherings or entertaining guests. A lot of folks like this idea because they're able to get rid of older decks which might not work anymore without costing them too much money in materials!

  • A deck in bad condition makes your home value decrease- When considering putting your home on the market, oftentimes prospective home buyers are looking at how they will plan to utilize their outdoor living space in their new home. If your existing deck is in poor condition or deemed unsafe, a deck removal may benefit you in the long run and either rebuilding a deck or looking into a patio concept.

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Deck Removal near me

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Deck installation near me

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Pergola builders near me

What types of decks can we remove for you?

Natural Wood deck removal- Wooden decks are not made to last forever, and over time they will start degradation due the outdoor environment. This is especially true for pine or untreated wood which has very little protection against water damage.

Trex and Composite Decks- Though Trex decks are durable, they do have an aesthetic drawback. Sometimes The sun's UV rays can cause them to fade and lose their color over time which makes for a less than desirable looking deck when it begins fading or scaling away at the seams under your feet.

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What is included in our Deck removal service?

We're the go-to for deck removal in the Milwaukee area. We offer a variety of services,  our team will consult with you to help reimagine your existing deck space and help guide you in your future design plans. Our services include yard grading and topsoil if needed to bring your grade up before you lay footings or foundation work! If there's anything left after our team takes it away from below ground level. Our hauling service can load just about any type material: boards Deck posts and railing.

With our team's expertise, our team will consult with you to help reimagine your existing deck space and help guide you in your future design plans. We'll help you design a backyard space that is perfect for your needs. From functionality and size to style, whether that is a new deck built, or even going with a new patio installation our crew has you covered!

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Deck construction

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Composite deck installation

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Pergola builders

The best Deck Removal company near you!

So if you need the expert help of a professional deck removal company, then Advanced Deck Builders of  Milwaukee is your go to professionals. We have been providing quality services for over a decade and will not stop until we reach perfection!

At Advanced Deck builders of Milwaukee, we pride ourselves on our expertise and our award winning customer service. We give our undivided attention to each and every client we work with, ensuring we can recreate the best vision for your outdoor living space.

At Advanced Milwaukee Deck builders, We are proud to have a team of experts that pride themselves on their expertise and award winning customer service. We will work with you and create an outdoor living space as unique as your vision. We take care in preparing for our projects, making sure we know what needs arise before-hand so there's less chance for error or confusion during Deck removal and construction on your next project!

Contact our deck building company for the best backyard projects in Milwaukee. We offer deck removal, We will help craft your deck design, new decks built with Trex, Pergola installation, Patios, porches and more! Have a question? Contact us today 

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