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Are you looking to build a new porch in Milwaukee?

If you can properly set aside a budget for financing a new porch for your home it will immediately pay for itself when it comes time to sell your property as exterior add ons are sought after by new home buyers, especially in Milwaukee.


Your porch is the first thing people will pay attention to when seeing your home. A new porch can greatly improve your home’s appearance. A stunning, expertly installed porch can elevate your property and increase your home’s value.  Milwaukee Decking has been trusted for decades throughout the Milwaukee area to provide clients with the porch they’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re looking to extend the space in your home, provide entertainment for guests, or have some time to yourself, our custom-built porches will be a wonderful solution.


Your porch should be somewhere you feel comfortable and at ease as you enjoy a nice day.  It should also be a welcoming place for neighbors, family, and friends. Looking to host more gatherings? Enjoy more days outside?  Let us create and build a beautiful, weather-resistant porch to fit your needs. An eye-catching porch will always impress and is the perfect accessory to a home. We know how important quality is. At Milwaukee Decking, we make sure that there is no room for disappointment. Our expertly installed porches are of the highest quality.  Our builders have years of experience. They find pride in their work and will take the utmost care in building the perfect porch for your home.   ​​

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We have a variety of porch styles to choose from, depending on your preference and needs. Classic front porches can provide dimension to your home and protection from rain or snow. They are also inviting and great for having guests over. Have a garden that you’re proud of or want to showcase a scenic view? Our team can design the perfect back porch to highlight your yard or nature views. Have your back porch connect to your garden or enjoy cookouts and grilling while remaining shielded from the elements. Our wraparound porches are incredibly popular. They are perfect for you extending your home to the outdoors. 

Enjoy panoramic views of sunsets on this Victorian-style porch. In addition to what type of porch you would like to choose, you can also decide between an attached porch, free-standing, octagonal, or square. Our team will listen to your needs and help recommend the optimal porch design for you.

Once we have decided on a design, our experienced builders will get to work on making your ideal porch. We ensure your porch will be done quickly without sacrificing any quality. We also use high-quality materials for our custom built porches.  Materials vary, but the most common are concrete, PVC, wood stonework, composites, or a mixture. We have durable materials that will outlast rain, snow, and hail. If you already have a porch that is losing its luster, look no further. Our builders are also skilled at restoring worn down porches that could use some love. With care, high-quality materials, skilled designers, and experienced builders, we know that we will exceed your expectations. Come in for a consultation for your new porch today. Soon enough you will be lounging on the porch you’ve always dreamed of.

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