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Deck Replacement in Milwaukee

What should you do if your deck starts to fall apart?

The answer is simple - replace or repair it before things get worse. Decks are a long-lasting product as long they're maintained properly, but even when you keep up on your deck maintenance you will  eventually notice some wear and tear on deck construction after so much use over time. If this happens without warning then there could be an unsightly view from falling apart at any moment which puts everyone using those boards in danger too! The first step would naturally be to decide if this deck should be removed or replaced. Lets take a look at your options for deck replacement and how to go about it.

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Deck Replacement

Backyard Deck in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Deck Replacement Company

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Signs you should consider a Deck replacement.

  • Inspect the damage of your Decks surface-The surface of your deck is the most exposed to different weather elements. If it’s not protected, this part can rot and get damaged which will cause water interventions into its structure causing even more destruction than before!

      The railings/handrails as well as boards are all susceptible if left unprotected by coatings like paint or sealants; moisture Get's inside through           tiny cracks in these areas creating potential sources for mold growth 

  • Your Deck Railing Posts are Loose- The deck railings of your house protect you and those around from falls. If they do not feel safe, then there is no way that the rest can be considered as safe either! The metal connectors which bond wooden pieces together should always stay tight or else someone could easily get hurt by accident. So take action now before it’s too late and consider deck railing replacement.


  • You have deck footings that are shallow-When you're planning on replacing or repairing your deck, start by looking at the footings. If they seem heaved above grade (meaning it's very shallow), then this means that warping has happened and requires replacement of your deck materials. 

  • Your deck posts are starting to rot- Water can seep into the base of your deck post and cause rot. This is especially common if it has been left sitting for long periods or is near an area where there are many cracks in its surface, which allows water to get beneath them easily without any drainage system available at all times but only when necessary due this type information being self-regulating with how much we use our resources . Early termite damage may also lead you towards having problems on these parts so make sure that everything stays well protected by following some preventative measures like treating against major pests before they arrive!

  • The foundation under your deck is cracking- When inspecting your deck, we always talk about going from the ground up. Your deck's foundation could be a major sign of an entire deck replacement. Foundation cracks are often not considered to be a serious issue, but they can lead in many cases of structural and non-structural. These differ depending on the type you have found yourself with an issue that needs addressing such as concrete shrinkage during curing or movement from your foundation due to soil conditions underneath which may cause them even more damage over time if left unchecked.

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Deck replacement

Decking Replacement

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Composite Deck with Pergola

Is a deck replacement necessary? Here are some other things to consider.

When you repair your deck, it's usually cheaper than replacing it. This is because all that needs to happen are simple touch ups which can be done with what we currently have at hand and don't require any new materials or expensive labor services. On the other end of things though- when something has been totally torn up and replaced by deck boards - then make sure to buy quality deck material so that you won't have issues later down during warmer months! So with that said, you should consider which option makes more sense to you, 

With so many choices to make when it comes time for your deck's replacement or repair, the first step is understanding that both options will help you prolong your deck's life. If deck repairing seems like what’s best in this situation then know there may be some residual patches left behind after work has been completed on certain areas- but if a deck replacement sounds good too don't worry! You should still take care of any potential root causes before starting any of the deck replacement or repair process because nothing can guarantee how long anything might last once again unless inspected by a deck building professional.

The best deck replacement Company near you

When it comes to replacing a deck, we have all of your bases covered. Our expert deck contractors are Milwaukee's finest and will put their skills into action as soon as you give them the okay! The in-house designer is on hand for creating blueprints or initial designs that make deck construction quick and painless so we are able to relieve the stress of your deck replacement process and you can enjoy your summer months.


They say that your outdoor living space should be more than just a place to sit and relax. It's an extension of who you are, so we strive for it to exceed expectations with our structurally sound design process. So when it comes to your deck replacement. With our experienced Craftsmanship, we are also going to use high quality deck materials  such as Trex decking or Cedar for which lasts longer than natural wood decking or pressure-treated lumber!


We understand that life can get hectic at times and things come up, but at Advanced Milwaukee Deck Builders, Customer satisfaction is always our top priority  in everything we do here because our deck replacement projects will last 10+ years if properly taken care of.


Contact our deck replacement team today to see why we are the best choice in Milwaukee when it comes time for your next outdoor project. We offer everything from new decks built with Trex, porches and pergolas that will be sure to make you enjoy summer outdoors all year long! We know that you're busy and want to save time, so we've got something for everyone! Our offers are great all year long. Give us a call today!

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