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Deck restoration contractor powerwashing stained trex deck


Milwaukee Wood Deck Restoration 

Over time, decks may experience wear and tear. Harsh weather, erosion, rotting, faculty support, and other factors can all play a part in the deterioration of a deck. This can happen slowly over time without you even noticing it. If you have noticed your deck is looking lackluster, we have plenty of services available to bring it back to its original glory. We have been trusted in Milwaukee for decades to help build and restore decks.  


We are confident that every problem has a solution, and we will work with you to find it. Our services are also very affordable without sacrificing quality. We have a team of expert tradesmen with years of experience. Whether your deck has an erosion problem, shoddy workmanship, weather damage, or anything else, we will be able to return it to how it should be. Oftentimes it will be in much better shape by the time we are done than when you first had it installed! If you have noticed your deck is not looking its best, give us a call and we can take a look. We can quickly come up with a plan to restore your deck. We want to make sure your outdoor space is the best it can be.

freshly stained backyard deck
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Is Deck Restoration Expensive?

Our team of experienced deck repair Milwaukee builders can expertly assess your deck and come up with a plan to fix it. When it comes to needing deck restoration, erosion is usually the biggest factor. Rain can flow in gaps and cause the grooves that hold the boards to erode and warp. Sometimes even the foundation of the home can become exposed. Erosion can be the cause of a plethora of other problems as well including separating floorboards, stairs, and handrails. To counter this, our skilled tradesman use methods and techniques that are geared towards total longevity. We don't take any shortcuts when it comes to quality at Milwaukee deck builders.


Adding new support columns and bracing foundations takes care of most erosion issues. Once we have a new support system underneath your deck, we will work to fix any other damage the erosion may have caused. By doing this we will extend your current deck’s life.    

In order to restore your current deck’s shine, we will also provide services in staining and painting. With a fresh new stain or paint job, your composite deck will feel new again. A good pressure washing will also help remove any caked-on dirt or debris.  Finally, we will finish with a deck sealant to keep everything intact. We can fix any other loose odds and ends like broken handrails, stairs, spindles, and rotting boards. Don’t wait any longer to restore your deck. Our team can have your deck feeling brand new again. Relaxing on your fixed deck will feel like a breath of fresh air. Milwaukee Decking is more than capable of exceeding your expectations when it comes to restoring your deck. Give us a call today! 

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