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Composite Deck Construction in Brown Deer Deck Builders


Have you dreamt of a great looking deck, but don’t like the idea of committing to the hassle of deck maintenance required for wooden decks?

Composite Decking is the perfect solution! Choose composite decking for superior maintenance and durability. The composite material is made from durable, long-lasting materials that are tough when it comes to resisting stains and will hold up to rough weather conditions as well as everyday natural wear and tear. Wooden decks made from real natural materials can have a very slight difference in looks but truthfully, they are a little outdated with recent advances in deck building technology and common practice. 

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Wooden Deck Builders in Brown Deer


How long do Wooden decks last?

Natural wood decks typically last 10-30 years before repair is necessary. Periodic Maintenance can extend this but can get costly. Composite, on the other hand, won't splinter, rot or become vulnerable to insect, weather, or other external damage.  In addition, most composite decks have an automatic resistance to UV rays, so they don't fade or lighten in color nearly as much as natural wood decks. If for some reason your composite deck does fade over the years, staining and repainting are very easily done processes. Most homeowners are not aware that staining and painting your composite is possible. Doing this periodically is very affordable and can revive your deck in a short period of time. Keep your newly installed deck as efficient and sustainable as possible from the beginning. 

Some main Benefits of Composite decks include:

  • Sanding not required

  • Sealing not required

  • Staining not required

  • Painting not required

  • Cleaning not required (recommended semi-annually)

  • insect-resistant

  • Scratch-resistant 

  • Warp resistant

  • Splinter resistant 

  • Stain-resistant 

  • Fade and UV resistant

  • The average lifespan of 30-60 years


How much does Composite Decking cost?

Composite decks cost anywhere from $30-$45 per square foot. This is mostly because of the numerous benefits associated with Composite materials versus natural wood options. This is arguably the only drawback of choosing composite materials for your deck instead of natural wood. Wood decks compared to composite decks are typically half the price, ranging from $20-$30 per square foot. Taking these factors into account, most deck-building experts recommend composite decks because, in the long run, you will spend more repairing, maintenance, and resurfacing wooden decks. Most deck building companies agree that the cost over years from maintaining wooden decks is five times the price as composite decks. 


How to choose between composite and wooden decking

To simply answer this question, it is completely preference. if you are set on constructing a classic, natural, real wooden deck and are okay with the upkeep that is involved in maintaining it then wooden deck options may be best for you. On the other hand, if you are interested in a deck that has very little upkeep, maintenance, and lasts almost twice as long as the latter, then composite material decks may be the correct choice for your home. 

What services do Brown Deer Deck Builders offer?

Brown Deer Deck Builders are experts in various deck building services including:


All of our deck building contractors have been involved in the industry for years. When it comes to designing, constructing, and all processes in between our quality is unmatched. Check our reviews and what our previous customers are saying about our projects. We never sacrifice quality when it comes to our customers. We are well versed in all types of decks. Some of our materials and brand options include:


What should you consider before building your deck in Brown Deer?


Unless you are a professional woodworker and have experience in the designing and constructing of decks it is always better to consult with a professional deck building company such as Brown Deer Deck Builders. There is a lot of planning that goes into building an outdoor deck. Establishing a budget is one of the first and most important parts of the process. After coming up with a budget, selecting material, paint, and the exact location of where you will build it are all determinants of what steps follow. When you figure all of this our strong team of deck designers and contractors will give you all the necessary information you need such as how long you can expect the project to take, how much it will cost, and what options you have for the future. Contact Brown Deer deck builders today for a free consultation. 

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