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Composite Deck Construction in Waukesha Deck Builders


Are you looking for an attractive and maintenance-free deck that won’t require much care or time?

Composite decking is an excellent choice if you want a durable and long-lasting product. The material used in composite boards provides superior protection against stains, as well as standing up to harsh weather conditions such as rainy days or strong winds while still looking better than wood decks which may have slight differences between them depending on how old they are - but these days there's no need for that because of recent advances when building your next backyard oasis!

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Wooden Deck Builders in Waukesha Wisconsin


How long do Wooden decks last?

With a composite deck, you don't have to worry about your home's stability. These decks will never splinter or rot because of their durability and immunity from external damage like water exposure which causes decay in natural woods. UV rays also cause fading over time but this can be prevented by painting them every few years so they stay looking good!
In addition, most composites resist cracking under pressure thanks again to being made up mostly out synthetic materials; these types would otherwise shatter upon impact with rock-hard surfaces found at beaches all around America where ocean waves constantly compete against each other for space on top.

Some main Benefits of Composite decks include:

  • Sanding not required

  • Sealing not required

  • Staining not required

  • Painting not required

  • Cleaning not required (recommended semi-annually)

  • insect-resistant

  • Scratch-resistant 

  • Warp resistant

  • Splinter resistant 

  • Stain-resistant 

  • Fade and UV resistant

  • The average lifespan of 30-60 years


How much does Composite Decking cost?

Composite decks are a great investment for your home because they offer many benefits over wood options. Composite decks cost anywhere from $30-$45 per square foot. For example, composite material has better looking and lasting durability while being cheaper in comparison with natural materials such as tree trunks or planks of wooden boards! Taking these factors into account most deck builders recommend this type over a natural wood deck alternative - making sure you know what kind will best suit both style preferences AND budget needs before getting started on building out those

How to choose between Composite and Wooden decking

To answer this question, it is completely preference. If you are set on constructing a classic and natural wooden deck with all of its upkeep involved in maintaining them then wood may be best for your needs but if not interested or ready to take care of such things there's also composite material decks that can last almost twice as long!

What services do Waukesha Deck Builders Wi offer?

Waukesha Deck Builders are experts in various deck building services including:


Looking for the best deck places near me? Our company has been involved in building decks for over a decade. When it comes to designing, constructing or all processes related our quality is unmatched by any other builders out there, ask anyone who's worked with us before about their experience installing a new deck or patio, and don't forget: customer satisfaction matters most because without happy clients like yourself coming back again & again. This Business would not exist today. We are well versed in all types of deck construction. Here are some of our Decking materials and brand options:


What should you consider before building your deck in Waukesha?


Choosing the best local deck contractor for your new or existing deck is easy with us. Our team at Deck Builders Waukesha Wisconsin has years of experience  along with the craftsmanship. So you can enjoy a beautiful space in no time! Our design team will help create blueprints as well as initial designs that make construction a very quick and simple process.​

We know life sometimes gets hectic. When you're looking for a company to build your deck, it's important that they stand behind their product. The team at Deck Builders Waukesha Wisconsin is committed not only in providing quality work but also customer satisfaction so the outcome of each project will last years! 


Contact our deck builder company today to see why we are the number one choice in Waukesha when it comes to all your backyard projects. We have everything from new decks installed with Trex, porches and pergolas as well! Don't miss out on these incredible deals - call today!

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